The story of you

Tell me a story, he said.

Once I swam in the purest and most beautiful ocean
The water calmed my soul as it washed over my skin

I then climbed a magnificent mountain, tall and powerful
It’s presence ground my body to the Earth, it energized me

Then I walked through a magical forest, full of life, trees to the sky
It’s clean air filled my lungs, urging me to live my best life

Then I lay in the grass, beneath the sprawling night sky
A profound darkness, broken by shimmering stars and the lovely moon
It filled me with immense love and gratitude

You my love, she said. Are my favourite story.



Hot Coffee

Hot coffee
Red wine & cellar doors
Parks with trees
The stars at night
Fire trucks
Picnic blankets
Turkish delight
Long hugs
Neat handwriting

Some of the things that will
forever make me think of you