For the Queen

The sun was oppressive on his back and and his arms ached beneath the weight of the precious load which he carried. He had been walking since the rise of the enormous sun and even in the tall cover of the foliage, the oppressive heat bared down on his neck and shoulders .

He had lost sight of the comrade travelling before him but, no matter, he knew the way back to his family and trusted those behind would be sure of their way. A moment to rest perhaps, and seek some water which had pooled in the shade by the path. A long cooling drink which refreshed his whole body through, never once risking his precious cargo, he held it above his head as he drank.

Behind he heard the shuffle of feet, his comrade was catching up. He waited until his comrade emerged around the corner heavy laden with his own cargo and indicated to the cool water collected in the small pocket of shade before continuing on his way.

As cloud cover provided some relief from the burning sun, he continued home hauling his treasure aloft and picking up the pace. His surroundings became familiar and he could hear and feel his family and home nearby. The busy noise buzzing all around him indicating some from his party had already returned home. The queen would be pleased with todays efforts.

A single ant carrying a portion of over ripe berry returned, ever loyal to his colony.

Daily Prompt Post: Loyal


Writing Prompt: Avid

It had been weeks since her last true meal, days since fresh cool water soothed her parched throat. She had stalked this herd for days, silently stealing through the hot, dry grass. Her ribs strained against her taut and dry hide as flies continually buzzed about her face while she crouched.

She knew alone she risked injury or death. The size of the creatures in the herd were uniformly too large for a single hunter to overcome. Regardless, she shook off the flies, poised and charged.

Birds scattered, hooves stormed the ground, the smell and sound of fear all around gave her confidence to leap high locking her jaws onto the flank of a beast. Holding tight, teeth and claw, the smell of blood saturating her senses.

In the frenzy she was shaken off, tumbling hard into the grass, panting and exhausted. A single small morsel in her jaws; hair, skin and blood. Just a taste to soothe her avid hunger.

The Daily Post Prompt: Avid