Morning Meditation

There is a moment in time, before the rise of the sun

When the world feels still, calm and at peace

The inky sky has hidden away the start in its embrace

And the edges of the glowing sun prepare to canvas the sky

If I close my eyes and breathe

The stillness, calmness and peace seamlessly seep into my mind

Drizzling down my spine like a velvety honey

Warming my body from its centre outward to my skin

As the warm rays of the sun will warm the Earth today


Waves and Threads

Some days there is sorrow swelling inside of me,

A dark ocean swell, breaking hard against a rocky shore,

Slowly wearing my existence away, one sand particle at a time,

Each turbulent wave, relentlessly followed by another.

Some days, it’s as if I am fraying at the edges,

Even the gentlest of breezes pulls undone the threads

Every sharp word, every nervous motion,

Leaving the frayed edges, raw, red and undone.

Other days the whole world seems shrouded in shadow,

Even when the sun shines warm and bright,

A cold darkness envelopes my mind, crawls down my back,

Every step forward sparks an internal battle with despair.

Then when it feels as though all threads are pulled,

All the walls have crumbled to sand,

and nothing is left to stop the shadow from seeping within,

There is a day of clarity.

When there are no storms, no raw frayed edges,

and quickly my body builds itself back together.

Cell after cell remade, thread after thread rewoven

Determined to be stronger for the next storm.

The story of you

Tell me a story, he said.

Once I swam in the purest and most beautiful ocean
The water calmed my soul as it washed over my skin

I then climbed a magnificent mountain, tall and powerful
It’s presence ground my body to the Earth, it energized me

Then I walked through a magical forest, full of life, trees to the sky
It’s clean air filled my lungs, urging me to live my best life

Then I lay in the grass, beneath the sprawling night sky
A profound darkness, broken by shimmering stars and the lovely moon
It filled me with immense love and gratitude

You my love, she said. Are my favourite story.


For the Queen

The sun was oppressive on his back and and his arms ached beneath the weight of the precious load which he carried. He had been walking since the rise of the enormous sun and even in the tall cover of the foliage, the oppressive heat bared down on his neck and shoulders .

He had lost sight of the comrade travelling before him but, no matter, he knew the way back to his family and trusted those behind would be sure of their way. A moment to rest perhaps, and seek some water which had pooled in the shade by the path. A long cooling drink which refreshed his whole body through, never once risking his precious cargo, he held it above his head as he drank.

Behind he heard the shuffle of feet, his comrade was catching up. He waited until his comrade emerged around the corner heavy laden with his own cargo and indicated to the cool water collected in the small pocket of shade before continuing on his way.

As cloud cover provided some relief from the burning sun, he continued home hauling his treasure aloft and picking up the pace. His surroundings became familiar and he could hear and feel his family and home nearby. The busy noise buzzing all around him indicating some from his party had already returned home. The queen would be pleased with todays efforts.

A single ant carrying a portion of over ripe berry returned, ever loyal to his colony.

Daily Prompt Post: Loyal


Earlier this year I discovered a magazine called Breathe which covers topics such as wellbeing, mindfulness, hobbies and travel. I have treated myself to a copy every publication since. Inside the magazine you will find articles on sleep, yoga, relaxation, eating well or brief introductions to hobbies such as gardening, photography or typography. A few time passing activities are usually also included which is why I like to take this magazine with me when I’m travelling.

Link to the website for you;


Chaos and Calm

When my world is a whirl of chaos, colour and noise
There are a handful of things that bring me profound calmness

Laying flat on the Earth, on grass or sand
Looking up at the sky, blue and cloud or stars in the deep black

Breathing in deeply, fresh and clean air with my eyes closed
Hot wind or cool rain on my face

There is warm tea, dimmed lights and the smell of a new book

Sleeping in when its cold outside, rain dropping against the glass windows
Surrounded in a blankets warm embrace

Then there is you lover
To be wrapped all around in you, your skin pressed into mine
Breathing you in, fingers entwined.

There are only a handful of things…